About Me

About Me PhotoMy name is Liz. In 2014 I opened a fortune cookie that said, “Your dream must be bigger than your fear.”. I pinned it to my cubicle wall in Wisconsin and started planning my future.

Since that fateful meal of Orange Chicken with Fried Rice, I’ve:

  • Married my wonderful husband
  • Moved 800 miles south
  • Bought my first home
  • Had a baby girl and am now expecting a baby boy
  • Worked for 3 companies in 4 roles, tripling my income along the way
  • Built a life I never could have dreamed of, and there’s runway for more!

I’ve had a passion for writing since 2009. I put myself through college with a full time job, internship, and stumbled into freelance writing to make ends meet.

I have consumed so much content over the years, but never quite found a site that had everything I was looking for. So, I’m building one!

I am grateful for those who read and produce content to design and live their best life. I’m excited to be an outspoken member of this community!