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Top 5 Toddler Easter Basket Gifts!

Easter is 3 weeks later this year than last year, but did it still sneak up on anyone else?!

There’s 1 week left to surprise and delight your toddler and thank goodness with 2-day shipping, that’s actually plenty of time!

So, make a cup of coffee, relax, and check out my top picks for toddler Easter basket ideas. I’m feeling pretty Zen myself because last night at 11pm I was ordering on Amazon. My daughter is going to be so excited for her basket!

Here are the top picks I either purchased for my daughter’s basket or, that she already loves so I’ll bet your toddler would too!

I’d like to disclose that I am participating in an Amazon affiliate program to link my recommendations to their website. “As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.” 

1. Bubble Wand with Button

My daughter just turned 2 and has always been a huge fan of bubbles. The challenging thing about bubbles, is the mess. We just got a bubble wand with a button, and I can’t wait to test it out on Easter morning! It also lights up and plays a few notes. It’s sure to be one of her favorite gifts from the Easter bunny!

2. Sandbox with Cover

Any activitiy that can get the kiddos outside, is a win in my book! This is a quality gift that will last through the spring, summer, and years to come. This is a great option for multiple kiddos too! My master plan is to hide Easter eggs in the sand for our very first Easter egg hunt!

3. Books

I’m not a huge fan of getting seasonal books, because I like them to be something we can enjoy all year. I suppose with a toddler, they are less concerned with seasonally relevant. My daughter still wants me to read “Boo!” to her ever night, her book from Halloween.

Hey, Duck! (Duck and Cat Tale)

Just a Duck?

Sleepover Duck!

Never the less, here are our favorite everyday books that would make great basket inclusions. Bonus is I enjoy reading these to her too! Anyone else have books they hide from their kiddos after a while because they’re sick of them? Not these!

4. Kiddie Pool

This is another basket item that can be gifted for multiple kiddos, and the price is just phenominal.

I honestly would recommend getting 2, in case one gets a leak. Imagine this, your kiddos are in the pool having a great time, the air begins to deflate, level 5 meltdowns are coming until… dum dum dum… you have a back up! #ParentOfTheYear!

5. Kid’s Garden Tool Set

Want more time to spend in your garden? Set the kids up with their own little plot of land to take care of!

Have you noticed a trend? Apparently I like gifts that make my toddler super happy, but that also buys me time to do things I like to do and still feel like #SuperMom!

This would be a great gift with a sand box. If that’s the case, maybe also pick up some fake flowers!

Final thoughts…

What’s in your toddler’s Easter basket? I’d love some suggestions to take ours over the top! Since my daughter just turned 2, she is finally getting excited about holidays.

The toddler age can be challengning because your kiddo can’t regulate emotions very well. When it comes to the holidays, that can actually be such a blessing. Watch your child’s eyes light up with their first recognition of the Easter bunny and a basket left just for them!

2 thoughts on “Top 5 Toddler Easter Basket Gifts!

  1. Great ideas! We are considering a kiddie pool for the summer here in Phoenix. Great idea to have a backup! I also like the sandbox Easter egg hunt – creative! We are going with a Color Wonder coloring book (to replace the one that got destroyed already), a new ball, new stuffed animal, and a popsicle mold. She isn’t quite 2 yet so doesn’t really care, but I know she is going to love the basket and eggs because she already got a look at it and I let her play with it for a few minutes – loved it!


    1. Hi Annie! That sounds like a wonderful basket.

      A new coloring book is a great idea. I think I may scan that section of the store when I go grocery shopping today. That will give us something to do indoors on Easter if it rains!


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