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My Journey from Broke to Building Wealth

I’ve always been obsessed with money.

My earliest memories of money cause stress and anxiety. I remember a sick feeling in my stomach when I was young and wanted to ask for $20 for a field trip or the book fair.

My parents worked very hard to give me and my siblings everything we needed. We always had our needs covered and my parents gave us any want they could afford. My Dad wasn’t shy though about our limited finances and the burden my requests had on the budget.

I vowed at an early age, that my own family would never worry about money. I did everything I could to jump start my earnings and be responsible for myself:

  • 11 years old – babysitting
  • 14 years old – first job, fast food
  • 17 years old – moved out while I was a senior in high school
  • 21 years old – graduated college in 3.5 years to reduce my student loans and start working

I’m approaching 30 this year and am happy to say that my family does not need to worry about money! (Knock on wood!)

The simple equation for more money; Note this is simple, NOT easy:

  1. Spend less
  2. Earn more

One of my greatest past times and current hobbies is reading blogs on saving money and making more of it! I’d love to share what worked for me.

I dream of a time when no child gets stomach aches over money and no parent has a broken heart when saying no.

This will be the summary of money articles I write to serve as a one-stop shop for improving your financial health.

This page will grow and evolve based on your needs!. Please consider leaving feedback in the comments below or sending me a message through the contact page in the menu.

A little more about my journey:

  • I started my first job out of college in 2011 at $11.75 per hour and now make over 6-figures working 40-hours a week at an 8-5 office job.
  • I own a small but nice home and have a wonderful husband and 2 children (#2 due in June).
  • We are consumer debt free and working on paying off our mortgage.
  • Our kids have college funds started and we get to have some fun in addition to saving.

I’ll tell you how I did it all, and where I’m heading next. Stay tuned!


The Life You Design


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Make More:

Would earning more money help you design your best life? 

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