Starting your day stressed or overwhelmed?

Design Your Morning Routine to Win Each Day!

Have you heard this phrase? If you don’t start in the morning, you can’t drink all day. That is also true for living your best life.

Designing my morning routine has been the most impactful step in showing up the way I want to as Mom, Wife, Friend, Colleague, etc.

I’m going to share my morning routine below, but just as an example. You absolutely do not need this to work as your morning routine. You just need a morning routine that makes you feel energized and ready to win the day.

For me, establishing a morning routine involved trial and error. I’ve woken up at different times, been the one to take my daughter to daycare, tried fitness videos, driven new ways to work, etc. I also know that this will change when our son is born and will likely keep changing until his 1st birthday. That is okay! Once you’ve successfully found your groove, it’s easier to adapt.

No matter what your routine looks like, you need to incorporate the following:

  • Mind – Examples: Enjoy a quiet cup of coffee/tea, meditate, scroll through positive social media, reading, podcasts, audiobooks, whatever feels like a little self-care to you.
  • Body – Examples: Walk around the house, jump on some gym equipment if you have it, even go to the gym if that works for your situation.
  • Soul – This should be at minimum, setting your intentions for the day. Thinking about how you want to show up, will make it more likely to come to fruition. This can also include prayer, goal setting, journaling, etc.

Important note, there will be days where you must adapt! Being rigid will leave you feeling upset and discouraged when the smallest thing changes. It’s important to think through how you want to handle curve balls. I have backup plans for if my husband or I need to go to work early, someone is sick, my daughter ends up waking us up first, etc.  

My Current Morning Routine:

5:00 AM (+/- 20 Minutes)

I start my day at approximately 5AM every morning. I say approximately, because the snooze button and I are old friends. I don’t have a desire to cut that indulgence out of my life, and I’ve designed my morning with enough flexibility where this is okay.

Q: How do you get up that early?

A: This will go against every morning routine you’ve ever heard about. Before I get out of bed, I grab my phone and scroll through social media. (GASP!) I’m proud that my Facebook is full of friends and family I love, who share posts that are primarily positive in nature. My Instagram is mostly celebrities who inspire me and businesses who are in the personal development or organization space. Pinterest knows that I spend my time looking and beautiful home décor, personal development tips and motivational quotes, so that’s what it gives me. Once I’ve seen my best friend post her daily uplifting quote, my twin sister’s post including her workout photos, or my personal development idol’s weekend spent changing lives, I’m energized to start my day and get in the game!  


I have a maximum limit of 15 minutes consuming positive social media before rolling out of bed. I wash my face, take my prenatal vitamin, and head to the coffee maker to brew a little cup of happiness. I’m careful to be quiet so I don’t wake up my daughter.


I get in a 15 minute walk every morning. I pace from the far side of the kitchen, around the living room, to the laundry room. It ends up being about 1,000 steps total. There is no excuse not to start your day with even the littlest bit of fitness! If I’m up early, I walk a bit longer. I’m the only one up in the house at this point and fear turning the treadmill on will wake up my family. I sip my coffee each time I make my way to the kitchen, and when I’m confident it won’t spill, I take it with me. In these 15 minutes I often think through my priorities in the day. 

5:45AM – 6:20AM

I wake up my beautiful little girl and get her ready for daycare. I’ll also make sure my husband’s many alarms have woken him up at this point. Usually they haven’t! I really enjoy most mornings with my daughter. I’m going to be real and say most mornings. My little girl is an absolute doll, but just like barbie is a doll, so is Chucky, ha! When she’s ready to go, I send her out the door with my husband at 6:20am because that’s when he goes to work. Our daycare opens at 6:30am, bless them! Our daughter’s best daycare friend is also an early drop off, so she really enjoys going.

Q: What if I don’t have help in the morning? What if I have more than one kiddo? What if I don’t have daycare? ETC

A: That is okay! What time do you wake up everyday and what time do you head out the door or start other tasks at home? Now in that time, what would the ideal morning look like? There’s your starting point! Don’t have enough time within those two events to get everything you want done? Well, of course you’re having a hard time starting your day the way you want! That’s setting yourself up for failure. Adjust your desired task list or my favorite, wake up earlier. I’m starting to really enjoy writing which probably means soon I’ll start my day at 4AM so I can have some time to write!

6:20AM – 7:40AM

This time is magical. It’s usually the only time during the week when I’m truly alone at home. I immediately turn on an audiobook or podcast, and start getting ready for work. This time allows me to listen to an audiobook every 1-2 weeks. I’ve used Audible and The Walmart eBooks app and both work great. I typically listen to personal development books but have also listened to most titles from Reese Witherspoon’s book club! If I need to look especially nice for work, I’ll dedicate a lot of this time to that. If my hair is cooperating and looks nice in a pony tail and one of my first 3 outfits make me look and feel good, I’ll do any combination of the items below until I need to leave:

  • Dishes
  • Laundry
  • Sweeping (by which I mean turning on the Roomba, great buy!)
  • Spend 5 minutes picking up each room
  • Make the bed
  • Dinner preparation tasks
  • Take out the garbage and recycling
  • Go to work early and get a jump start on my day

On My Way to Work:

I have a 15-minute drive to work, and I always use that time for gratitude and prayer. I’m specific and express out loud my gratitude for:

  • My Family – My son due in June, my little girl, my husband, grandparents, parents, siblings, and corresponding in-laws. I take this time to think about each one and often find myself making a note to follow up with someone on my way home to check in.
  • My Friends/Colleagues – My two absolute best friends and their families, and then I go through a broader statement about each of the companies I’ve worked for in my life and the wonderful people there who have made an impact on my life.
  • Myself – What I’m personally grateful for, which is often a long list!

Finally, I set my intentions for the day. I say them as if it were the end of the day and I’ve successfully accomplished what I wanted.  Example: Today I was productive, I added value in every interaction, I managed my task-list well, I was calm and decisive, I made others feel valued. I am capable, kind, and respected. When I outline where I want to end up, I typically make unconscious decisions throughout the day to make it a reality.

Q: Do I have an evening routing?

A: Not as structured as this, no. I come home from work and our family eats dinner, plays, and then when I put my daughter down for bed at 8pm, I typically get ready and go to bed afterward. That’s how I can get up so early! I’m a morning person and I know it’s important to do your best work when you’re at your best, which is why my morning routine spans nearly 3 hours. Remember my husband who I prod out of bed at 5:45am? He’s a night owl who is up until 1AM living his best life. It looks different for everyone!

Parting Words: You have time for the things you make time for.

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